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Look no further for royalty free Christmas clipart! Access millions of superb quality images, including clip art, photos, backgrounds and fonts. Get exactly what you want. Pay no royalties.

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Click here for original royalty free Christmas clipart. This will open a new browser window.This site offers the very best royalty free Christmas clip art images classified into Angels, Animations, Assorted, Borders, Elves, Lights, Ornaments, Pictures, Presents, Religious, Santas, Stockings, Trees, Victorian, Vintage, Wallpapers and, Wreaths. You can also find lots of fun Christmas Printables and free Stories.

You'll find all you need to make your Christmas season sparkle. Images from the sources we recommend are available in a variety of versions (JPG, GIF, PNG, EPS, etc.)

Get exactly what you want to suit your specific application.

Before you download anything though, please read our disclaimer, as well as the usage policy of any of the recommended image sources you decide to use.

How To Use This Clipart Site

The easiest and most direct thing to do is to click on a menu button for the type of clipart you want: animations, elves, ornaments, wreaths and so on.

On each page, you'll see a search results summary that looks like the image below. Each one is specific to your search: angels, borders, lights, victorian and so on. All you have to do from there is click on the composite image to continue your free search.

Alternatively, you can explore more advanced options on our Royalty Free Image Search page. There are millions of images. You won't be disappointed.

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